Defence Systems

Easat provides high performance fixed, transportable and mobile radar systems, typically for:

  • Air Defence / air surveillance - static and mobile;
  • Coastal Defence / surveillance - static and mobile;
  • Ship based air surveillance;
  • Port or estuary security;
  • Off-shore security;
  • Surface movement detection;
  • Perimeter security.

As all Easat antenna systems have high performance designed-in as standard, they are ideally suited to military tasks. Most Easat radars systems have enhanced radar detection performance that is optimised for the detection of small targets, especially in poor weather.

Mobile, Transportable and Gap-filling radar systems:

  • Rapidly deployable (typically 30 mins) trailer or pallet mounted Mobile Antennas;
  • Compact, air transportable military long range air surveillance radar systems - ISO container based - very high performance, better than ICAO Civilian standards;
  • Dual band, multi channel - High Performance - with Integral or co-mounted SSR;
  • Air transportable;
  • ISO Container based control and equipment rooms.
Defence Systems

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Defence Systems

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'MonoTube' Pre-Fabricated Towers:

  • Rapidly Deployable - 5 hours onto concrete base;
  • Pre-Fabricated, Pre-Cabled, Pre-Equipped;
  • Suitable for use in:
    • Coastal or Offshore;
    • Airport;
    • Military;
    • Border Control;
    • Forward Operating Bases;
    • Ideal for surveillance systems, radar, communications and lighting;
    • Depending on the height selected, MonoTube can take a full PSR and co-mounted SSR radar antenna system;
    • In use at 5 International Airports.

Easat has been providing both fixed and transportable radar solutions around the world for over 20 years. Our equipment is in service with the US Marine Corps, Royal Australian Air Force, Norwegian Army, Danish Navy and the UK Royal Navy.

We supply purpose built high performance radar antennas or complete systems to specific requirements. Our designs include ISO container based deployable Long-range air-surveillance antenna systems, mobile systems and we have the D-CASS 'Gap-filler' medium range (60nm) trailer or palletised air-surveillance radar antenna system.

Transmitter-receiver systems, trackers and data processing, display and control systems can also be provided.

D-CASS: Deployable compact air surveillance sensor:

  • Self-contained, lightweight, collapsible and available in many mounting options - Rapid deployment design allows operation in 30 minutes.
  • Dual frequency, carbon fibre composite reflector operates at S-band and L-band.
  • Three states of polarisation for S-band.
  • At L-band, the antenna operates in IFF/SSR with three beams: sum, difference and omni giving leading-edge RF performance.
  • Upgrades - Easat can economically upgrade/modernise an existing radar system, giving it a new lease of life and even increase its performance.
  • Improvements can often be made to the turning unit, rotating joint and waveguide, to the antenna reflector and by the addition of an extra channel/frequency, SSR or polarisation state.

Easat will be happy to discuss any antenna or radar sensor concept or requirement.